• Ethos
    Edvard Munch, VAMPIRE, 1894, Oil on canvas, 39 3/8 by 43 3/8 in. (100 by 110 cm)


    My ethos is to take you on the road to constructing a contemporary art collection of works by contemporary living artists whom you will meet personally during the process if place and time allows. We will share stories and the love of art. Each piece will hopefully bring you aesthetic pleasure and also enhance the memories we create of being a contemporary in this time in history.


    We will also visit exhibitions of artists who have passed and buy works which have resonance and meaning today. We will meet people who knew and worked with these artists, their dealers, their family, and in owning works become part of their narrative as their legacy continues.


    We will see the throughline of human artistic practice from cave paintings to the present, and how different periods and artist movements relate to each other which further enhances the enjoyment of collecting.


    Enthusing your art passion will be my aim and also to assist in creating a wonderful collection which will enrich and excite, even fulfil your life. 


    Along the way I will share the path that led me to become a passionate and ardent art collector. There is always a moment when you see a painting or a beautiful work of art that evokes a sense of longing and pleasure. Perhaps you saw the work in a gallery or a museum, and the image becomes strongly imprinted on your mind and you will go to sleep with that memorable vision or lay awake thinking about it. That is when you know you have the bug and inevitably you will somehow feel the need to want ownership. I have to buy it!


    For me that moment was when I saw Edvard Munch's Love & Pain (Vampire) at the MET. I remember my stomach had an immediate influx of butterflies and I knew from that moment something had transformed inside me and I would never be the same again. (The work was on loan at the time to the museum and since then sold at Sotheby's in 2008)


    Elton John recently spoke about collecting photography. He openly discussed how he began his journey and the amount of fulfilment and pleasure it has brought him: also the educational aspect which he found all consuming. In fact, his love for photography enabled him to switch addictions - obviously the latter being better for his mind, body and soul.